Happy Baby..Top 10 Baby foods

We’ve all had the internal struggle with ourselves on what food would be the best for our little tot. Homemade food i think is the best way to identify with wanting whats best for our baby. Food prices are high with the commercialisation of food products aimed at busy parents who need a quick and easy way to feed on the go!

I too was in this position, i made food at home and made it into frozen cubes….i literally blitzed anything we adults ate into a smooth paste and fed it to by hungry, growing baby.

Homemade recipes are so easy and I’m going to direct you to a fool-proof baby food making site Here. The foods used are gentle and nourishing for you baby’s stomach and digestive system.

“Did you know that the roof of your baby’s mouth rises at 6 months old to accommodate food” I have discovered a few articles lately too that suggest the introduction of food too early into our childs’ system can cause allergies and skin irritations.

WebMD have an article on this linked here.

Now, lets talk about homemade food on the go! I stated that i am a keen baby food maker yet i always struggles with food on the go, thus falling into the convince of pouches and or cans to take with me while we are out and about. This was a pricey compromise as i was buying food i already had wanting in my freezer (i know the food would keep, but not as long as you would imagine, optimal freezing shouldn’t exceed any longer than 1 month) potentially forgetting about it.

Alas, I am super excited to have found this Baby food Maker…im literally never going to buy another store-bought food!! I won’t need to, I can make the food i need and bobs your uncle…food on the go!!!

Baby Food Pouch Fill Station with Four Pouch samples Compatible with Little Sprout Pouches or Major Competitive Brands: Now you can easily make your own food pouches at home. This fill station is fully compatible with the included disposable pouches, or you can choose to use your own disposable or reusable pouches. Simply pour your baby food into the measuring tubes with the convenient included funnel, attach the pouches to the bottom, and plunge down to fill your pouches with no mess. All parts are dishwasher safe and BPA free. Four pouch samples are included and hold up to 6 ounces of food.

It gets better… there are packs available for $8.99 USD. 24 reusable pouches to add to the baby food making system.  Now that’s a lot of homemade food!!

I am genuinely excited about this product and i cannot wait to start using mine, although by bubs is too young for food right now, I’m going to trial the system for my older children and make fruit puree…perfect for in the school lunches and again, at the fraction of the cost….thats right, this system is not baby specific…everyone loves pork with apple sauce. Now you can make your own…also

  • Relish
  • sauces
  • salad dressing
  • dip

Man, the options are endless!!!! Here is a link dedicated to the homemade sauce and dip fanatics in all of us!

Happy Baby…Happy Parents!!!!