Drowning in drowsiness 

” I slept like a baby” I hear people say…”really”? I question. I brief over the filing cabinet in my mind and draw out the notes from last nights meeting with the baby….

  • We had milk intermission at 12, 2:56 and 4:30.
  • A nappy change at 3:10
  •  followed by a sudden rousing at 5:15 for a lost dummy.

In turn my facial expressions are that of confusion as I’m wondering why on earth would this seemingly full of beans, well rested human be referring to a sleep pattern similar to the one stated above?

Alas, there is some truth behind the miss guided phrase. Now if my energised friend had said “slept like an 18 month old in a 1-2 hour car ride nap” I would have agreed.

Newborn babies are light sleepers. They spend proportionally more time in active sleep and are woken easily in the first 25 minutes of falling asleep (so if you’d planned to move the baby…don’t!!)

Also babies potentially wake up every 50 minutes or so. Luckily most of the time the baby goes back to sleep without a fuss.

Now, toddlers on the other hand are like dead weight, some (like mine) can be taken from the car, to bed, back to the car and home again, all whilst still asleep! And I accredit tip no.2 (see below). Their brains are so engaged and active at this age that all the brain exercise being had needs to shut down eventually and recover really for round 2 of play time…the little monkey seriously do not stop moving!

Unfortunately the reality of sleeplessness in adults is down to some key simplicities we can amend in our lives to help for example..

  • Water, not drinking enough?  Dehydration is one of the biggest sleepy offenders. Drink 1-2 litres a day. No joke, you will start to feel instantly better. It also reduces headache symptoms, improves skin complexion, keeps you regular and a bonus of being free.


  • Exercise, I know I know, it’s the same old story but it’s true. I’m not asking for a lot, just walking can stimulate oxygen flow to the brain. Walking outside is also stimulating brain exercise causing tiredness. Although brain exercise does not necessarily mean exercise either, a game of Sudoku can do the trick if your walking has limitations.


  • A hot bath! the body needs to cool down before a night’s sleep, which seems silly, after all, you’ve just had a bath But drying off afterwards accelerates this cooling; your body overcompensates, radiating out more heat than was gained in the bath, further speeding up sleep.


  • Sleep Hypnosis is also a pain-free way of trying a sleep solution that isn’t so basic. Here is a link for Jason Stephenson – Sleep meditation music  a YouTube video that has 1.3 Million views for  “Can’t Sleep: Hypnosis for sleep insomnia and sleeping disorders”.


Right, so off you go then you little tired big humans. Go forth and try these simple tips. My it aid in the journey “to sleeping like an 18 month old” and for those of you seeking a remedy of sorts that is not doing everyday tips and tricks that you may have already tried, Here is a link for a programme that may help.


Happy Sleeping Folks xx