The Eyes Have It!


The face is the mirror of the mind, and eyes without speaking confess the secrets of the heart – St Jerome

Now, as someone who isn’t an avid makeup wearer, i must admit that I’m slightly intrigued by the application of makeup in the sense that its a bloody art my friend. Have you every tried it, if so then i can guarantee you will raise you hand in admitting you suck/sucked at some point with the application of what ever you were trying to achieve, be it full face glam (i recommend an artist for that) or natural everyday makeup.

Either makeup has blown up in the last 4 years or I’ve just only really started to see in my own surroundings, or could potentially be a late bloomer. There are literally hundreds of YouTube channels dedicated too the art of makeup application and or reviews on products and it blows my mind that some of these have millions of followers, for example NikkieTutorials  has 6.6 Million subscribers on YouTube…6.6!!!! its mind blowing to think that all those people are interested in what she has to say about makeup, and its based on just her opinion.

Or this Eyelash Tutorial has 1.9 Million views, it is the most watched eyelash type video and its only 3.55 mins long. It offers the do’s and dont’s of eyelash application. And to be honest, it isn’t terribly hard looking or expensive to achieve the look.

Lashes are reusable, Tools make the whole process easy and Adhesives are, well, just down right necessary!

Shaping the face, irrespective of makeup, i must admit is the one thing i am on board with. Brows are essential. Even Martha Stewart agrees and show cases a ‘How to” on her website (i will link it Here). Unfortunately I’m terrible at it, like most thinks relating to beauty I’m totally unladylike in the respect. I INSIST that your eyebrows are tended to by a professional because the cost of paying someone to do this job for you definitely out ways the serious shameful cost of living with messed up brows that you tried taming yourself…one pluck, two pluck….crap, you lost half a brow.

Gels, spools, waxes etc are all targeted to the obsession of a creating the perfect Brow! A multi million…nay Billion dollar industry fine tuning our self conscious attitudes into looking “perfect”. And sadly its all for the benefit of other women that we constantly compete with on a daily bases…and i say women but the age of females getting onto this kind of cosmetic obsession is getting younger and younger. I stated in paragraph two that i was a late bloomer (i am in my 30’s) and i accredit my good skin to the fact that i am not overloading my pores and fine lines with chemical products each day and my skin care routine is on average that same and has been most of my youth, from 14 years old I’ve used the same face wash and moisturiser, adapting products to suit my needs and age.

So if you are just Starting out there are plenty of tutorials and products available to trial and practice with, and remember, the beauty of makeup is that it can be washed off….Growing eye brows back on the other hand is a length process! Don’t touch them!! Professional grooming is the key!




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