Drooly. Wet. Mess

Teething symptoms and stages vary with every child, and let me tell you it doesn’t always happen in the order the chart features suggests, My little man is only 12 weeks and he has been dribbling and teething for a few weeks now and loves nothing more that to chew on his hand or someones finger.

When pregnant i had someone give me Amber Beads and suggested that these were to help with teething. I wasn’t convinced as i had never really heard of it before and i was very reluctant to be putting a necklace onto my 9 week old baby, albeit i hadn’t anticipated he would start teething so early.

So we gave it a go (The amber bead necklace health properties are linked Here. At the moment i am unsure if it is working. I have noticed a reduction in irritableness and fussiness with milk (to go off food is a common teething sign).



Now onto where all the mess goes when your child expels fluid from the nose and mouth (mostly it gets swallowed which leads us to another common symptom of teething and thats diarrhoea – The veridic is still out on this one – but I’m convinced its linked)




Dribble Bibs have the most amazing range of products to suit a sloppy child feeding, teething, wearing and will have your little tot looking fabulous. Hand crafted in New Zealand, these inexpensive products will be there to help catch and absorb the unwanted mess from around your childs neck (and if its cold in winter like it is here – the wetness of the childs chest could lead to more health risks). So do yourself a favour and prevent the colds and sniffles getting to your beloved baby.

Because a cold on top of teething is just a parental nightmare!!! ‘And no one got time for that!!’



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