Kindle and E books

The kindle has become the post popular for of hardback in the modern world, offering thousands of titles at the press of a button.

Replacement of the paperback has been an easy and inexpensive way to carry and store millions of titles at your finger tips, allowing the viewer, nay reader a one stop shop for any literature you desire.

Im not personally a big reader but it is something i encourage in my children (my 6 year old already 3 levels up from his peers). Reading is something i can do easily and quickly, yet for some adult folk, reading is something that is very difficult, with adult illiteracy high, i believe many grown up’s struggle with the confidence to attempt reading.

Kindle’s are a fantastic way to conceal the book…For example, your an adult, and reading eludes you and you are too proud to admit your failing…problem solved! the kindle is discrete, you could literally down load a beginners guide to reading, or children books or literature aiding in the teaching of adults to read.

You are saved from being humiliated or feeling insecure about the fact that you can’t read…and i do get the irony of this post, if you can’t read then you are less likely to be online looking at blogs….but i guarantee there is a loved one searching on your behalf, researching, looking for recommendations  and there are hundreds upon hundreds of literature that you can get and they are often for free.

Please check Here and you will discover a free reading world and titles for any level reader with a variety of interests.

Don’t be scared…knowledge is power! and you have the power to make an incredible change in your everyday functionality. You could change the life of yourself or someone you love.

Adult illiteracy is not as uncommon as you would think. Here are some statistics and information what will further your research.

Happy Helping xxx


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